About Yasmeen Wicks

First off, I go by Yas. DC Raised, Philly Made.


I am a visual artist by craft and an illustrator by trade. A graduate of Temple University's Klein School of Media and Communications, degreed in Advertising concentrating in Art Direction with a minor in International Communications. With early interests in the arts and later understanding the different functions of it, I want to integrate my pencil skills to the digital scape. Aspiring career moves consist of creative branding, and creative directing over commercial video and photo shoots for retail and fashion companies.


I  am heavily influenced by pop culture and fashion, as are probably a lot of millennials. I am a fashionista, and have worked in clothing/ shoe retail for over 6 years. Big shoe connoisseur. Big on the arts, obviously. Music, fine art and architecture are very fundamental to me. I once aspired to be an architect. That changed once I got to college. Houses were some of the main things I would draw when growing up. I am also an extreme anime enthusiast. So I  am into the eccentric, bold and different. My goal is for my uniqueness to shine through my art.